Friday, June 3, 2011

FlashBack Friday

These are my original furbabies. Oliver the cat and Ralphie the rabbit. Ralph was the funniest pet. I got him when I was fifteen, from my friend that was moving away. But he grew way too big for his cage, and I started to let him live outside. He dug a burrow under my Mom's flower bed, right next to the front door. Whenever we went outside, he would greet us. It was adorable. Oliver was actually Sarah's cat. Except everybody in my family called him something different, Emily called him Florida, my Mom called him FatCat, and so on... Sarah got him when she started kindergarten so she would stop crying when they dropped her off at school. A pretty high maintenance bribe, huh? She got him when she was just five, so I was about thirteen or so.

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